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STEAM Lesson Resources

3-Act Math

Below are 3-Act Math Lessons that I've written for my teachers and classes. There are usually additional instructional notes for teachers in the "speaker notes" sections. If you teach any of these lessons, I'd love to hear how they go!
For more information about 3-Act math lessons, visit Dan Meyer's blog or Graham Fletcher's blog.

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Coding & Computer Science Lessons

Below are links, for your use, to cross-curricular coding and computer science lessons (and related resources) that I've written, or adapted, and taught in K-8 classrooms in my district. 

Raspberry Pi Voting Photo Booth (grades 3-6)

Constructing a Technology from Colonial America in Minecraft Pi (grades 4-6)

Preserve History by Creating Your Own Camera (grades 2-3)

What Does a Traffic Engineer Do? (grades TK-Kinder)

Digital Weather Stations (grades 4-8)

Gold Detector in Minecraft Pi (grades 4 & up)

Intro to Physical Computing on Raspberry Pi with Scratch (activity cards)

Intro to Physical Computing on Raspberry Pi with Python (activity cards)

Intro to Physical Computing in Minecraft Pi (activity cards)

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