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Thursday, December 31, 2015

What will your theme song be for 2016?

As 2015 comes to a close, it is tradition for many of us to reflect on the past year, make resolutions (that we may or may not actually keep) for the new year, and set goals that we hope to reach in the coming months. As many of us are enjoying two weeks of vacation catching up with family and friends, our #TOSAchat organizers decided to forgo the regular weekly chat and hold a two-week long slow chat, hosted by guest moderators. I volunteered a couple of weeks ago to moderate one day of the slow chat and then realized that I had no idea what question that I wanted to pose to the group. In the spirit of wrapping up the past year and preparing ourselves for the next, many of my #TOSAchat colleagues wrote questions for the slow chat that asked us to think about our past successes, challenges we’ve encountered in our careers, dreams we have, and our plans for the coming year. I find goal-setting to be very powerful—setting goals and communicating them to others helps me focus my work and gives me purpose. I wanted to keep with the theme of reflection and resolutions in writing my slow chat prompt.

And then I thought about music. Most of my #TOSAchat friends are big music lovers—we often find our chats running off course and into the world of music, musicians, and memories associated with our favorite songs. How often do you hear a song on the radio and your mind takes you back to a specific place, person, or time in your life? Music creates powerful emotions in people, so what better way to plan our goals and mindsets for 2016 than with music. The theme song we choose for ourselves can be a constant reminder of how we plan to be, and what we want to accomplish, in the new year. 

So, on day 9 of #TOSAchat's holiday vacation slow chat I asked my #TOSAchat friends what song will be their theme song for 2016 and, more interestingly, why. Participants in the slow chat named everything from "A Whole New World" from Aladdin to "Fight Song" by Rachel Platten to "Black Water" by The Doobie Brothers to the theme song from Growing Pains.

Below is a summary of the amazing responses we've received so far.
(Click to view our YouTube playlist of #TOSAchat theme songs for 2016)

And hopefully the conversation continues! Feel free to add to our collection of 2016 theme songs using the #TOSAchat hashtag on Twitter or by commenting below.

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